Professional portraits, whether acting headshots or corporate portraits, are vital in both media and business, whilst fine-art and creative-art portraits can mystify, captivate and astonish the imagination in equal measure. J.H.Photography is adept at specialising in and adapting classical, creative and high-end portraiture, according to the specific needs of the client, to produce outstanding portrait imagery.


The primary aim of a Boudoir Photoshoot is to empower a lady to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. J.H.Photography offers bespoke Boudoir Packages which are tailored to wants and needs of each lady, following a pre-photoshoot consultation. A MUA and stylist can also be arranged, and chaperones or 'moral supporters' are welcome to attend during the session.


Quality imagery for marketing and promotional purposes is essential for any company or business in the modern workplace. Whether capturing images to launch a new campaign, develop a website, or to use for internal training, J.H.Photography liaises with marketing executives to customise a photography package specific to the needs and industry requirements of that particular business.


Children seem to grow up so quickly these days... and so photos that capture the joy and exuberance of youth are absolutely priceless. Following years of working with children of all ages, J.H.Photography is able to make photography sessions with young people fun, relaxed and highly enjoyable. As with adults, for those interested in child modelling there is the potential opportunity of further work.


Whether you're a cosplayer, model or just someone who wants to engage in a 'one-off' photoshoot, J.H.Photography offers a huge selection of themed cosplay photography packages. Wear your own outfit or hire one of the many costume and prop ensembles available at Parklands Photographic Studio & Location, and transform your look into something unique and spectacular.


Whether it's a birthday party or hen night, charity event or school reunion, J.H.Photography is able to capture and preserve the memory of any special occasion. After an initial pre-event consultation to discuss all relevant details and any specific provisions, a tailored package which specifies the events photographic requirements and contractual terms will be drawn up and approved by both parties.


J.H.Photography is able to provide branding and clothing companies with a 'one-stop' service that is virtually unique in the UK. Utilising the facilities at Parklands Photographic Studio & Location, J.H.Photography is able to supply everything required for a fashion or clothing photoshoot, including a huge selection of models, whilst also serving as both the photographer and retoucher.


The health & fitness industry has become mainstream over the last decade in particular. Men and women alike dedicate months of their lives to hard work and discipline; getting into shape, transforming their physiques, and improving their aesthetic. J.H.Photography provides a range of fitness photography options, everything from before-and-after shots to competition imagery.


New and experienced models alike, as well as individuals looking to take their first steps into the modelling industry, regularly employ J.H.Photography. Whilst uniquely positioned to work with, develop and advise current and potential models, as the owner of Parklands Photographic Studio & Location, opportunities for both further collaborative and paid modelling work at the studio also exist.


Whether photographing a man's best friend or a 20ft python, J.H.Photography is uniquely placed to offer pet and animal photoshoots. In association with Parklands Photographic Studio & Location, both studio-based and location-based photography packages are available for one or more animals, or alternatively J.H.Photography is able to travel to surroundings familiar to your pet.


Capturing the glow of pregnancy is one of the most beautiful images a photographer can create, whilst the gift of a child is undoubtedly the most wonderful creation that humankind will ever know. J.H.Photography endeavours to provide expectant and new families with heartfelt imagery that will encapsulate that love and devotion. From bump to baby, a range of photoshoot packages are available.


Photographing incredible moments in sport is a unique art in itself, and taking an inspired 'action shot' not only requires a technical ability with the camera but also an insight in, and knowledge of, sports performance. With an extensive background in sport and exercise, J.H.Photography is primed to capture every run, jump, tackle, throw, hit, kick, punch and strike in the sporting arena.


Underwater photography and underwater modelling are niche disciplines that require specific equipment, such as camera housing, distinct technical knowledge and an ability to work in such conditions. With Stoney Cove, a National Dive Centre, located just ten minutes drive from Parklands Photographic Studio & Location, J.H.Photography has access to a dive pool that is ideally suited to underwater imagery.


Every wedding is a unique occasion, and as such J.H.Photography offers bespoke photography packages tailored to the needs and budget of each couple. Following a pre-wedding consultation, the exact details of the package will be agreed and finalised. These details will include the cost, duration and specific photographic requirements of the package, as well as the number of digital edits to be provided.